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Cleveland Scene Magazine:

Here are six large pieces I wrote for Cleveland Scene Magazine (in addition to many smaller blurbs):

Indie Rockers Foxygen Take a Theatrical Approach for Beachland Concert

Rousing Performance At The Agora Shows The Shins Haven’t Lost Their Spark

Indie Rockers The Drums Exorcise Some Serious Demons On Their New Album

(Sandy) Alex G’s Weirdly Wonderful Music Receives a Warm Reception at Mahall’s

Indie Rockers Desaparecidos Get ‘Loud, Angry and Catchy’ On New Album

Rock Hall to Screen Documentary about British Punks the Damned

The Odyssey:

I wrote 30 music articles from February-October 2016 for the Odyssey, a network of US college student writers that promotes peer-to-peer sharing of articles through social media. You can either click the link to view them all on my Odyssey profile page here or you can check out the complete list of them here (from newest to oldest):

Meet The Most Consistently Great New Band: Inheaven

Black Honey: The Edgy, Cinematic “It” Band

Baby Strange: The Punk Band You’ve Been Waiting For

Inside Thomas Cohen’s Strange, Dark and Wonderful Debut Album

Where Are All The New Bands Headlining Big Music Festivals?

Meet Your New Favorite Band: Hidden Charms

A Tribute To Gary Watson Of The Lapelles

Review: The Dead Licks’ Debut EP

20 Rock And Roll Looks That Will Always Be Cool

10 Great New Bands Who Don’t Have An Album Out Yet

Why Morrissey Fans Are Unlike Any Music Fans

Why The Strokes Are The Best American Rock Band Of The Last 15 Years

Why Brexit Would Hurt The British Music Industry

8 Great Albums That Music Critics Wrote Off

Why Canceling Concerts In North Carolina Isn’t Actually Helping The LGBT Community

20 B-Sides That Were Better Than The A-Sides

15 Iconic British Rock Music Videos

Legendary Rock Bands: To Reunite Or Not To Reunite?

Why The Stone Roses Are Music Marketing Geniuses

25 Great Lyrics From Alex Turner Of The Arctic Monkeys

Why So Many Musicians Are Feeling The Bern

10 Essential Films That Every Music Fan Needs To Watch

The Young Women Who Are Flying The Flag For Rock And Roll

Why The American Rock Scene Should Envy The British Rock Scene

Going To A Concert As Told By ‘Parks and Rec’

A Tribute To Viola Beach

You Know You’re Obsessed With Oasis When…

Why George Harrison Was The Coolest Beatle

8 New Bands You Need In Your Life Right Now

Why The Vinyl Revival Is Here To Stay


Before moving my blog to WordPress, I wrote 27 music articles from March-June 2016 on Blogger (Google’s blogging platform), under the same blog name, Mod Melody, a site that you can still visit here, (though I won’t be publishing any additional articles on Blogger, all the new ones will be published on this WordPress site).