Exclusive Interview With British Pop Rock Quartet: Weird Milk

Weird Milk are a young, four-piece baroque pop band from London whose debut single “This Close” was released by London record label, Ra-Ra Rok Records, in February of this year.

“This Close” (backed by a b-side called “You”) wonderfully showcases the band’s trademark vocal harmonies, their jangly guitars, and a dark, melancholy, romantic tone that fans of The Last Shadow Puppets’ debut album would recognize in an instant.

Their brand new single, “All Night” was recently debuted by Amazing Radio and it’s a notable progression from the band’s first single. For this more upbeat track, the band brought in some keyboards and their vocal harmonies aren’t quite as in dominant as they were before. However, the pop hooks are still noticeably strong and it proves that the band aren’t just a one-trick pony.

I saw the band live at The Lock Tavern earlier this year and was blown away by their vocal harmonies and the strength of their songs, all full of strong pop melodies and hooks that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Scott Walker record from the 60’s.

Weird Milk are Zach Campbell (guitar, vocals), Alex Griffiths (guitar, vocals), Charlie Vaughan (drums, vocals) and Josh King (bass, vocals).

I interviewed the band about how they came together, their songwriting process, their love of The Beach Boys, and more. Read the full interview below.

How long have you all been playing music?

We’ve all existed musically in various bands or forms for about five years collectively, maybe?

What inspired you to become musicians? Were any of you in musical families or was it just a matter of hearing music growing up that made you want to be in a band?

I think mainly it was just growing up around music and our families playing music when we were very young. None of us come from particularly musical families.

How did you all meet and how did the band come together?

It pretty much came about as a result of us all moving to the city of London. We didn’t all move there at the same time, but we all ended up here and started coming up with music together.

Where did the name Weird Milk come from?

I was in Spain and the milk there must be handled in a slightly different way, so to me tasted weird, and I thought maybe Weird Milk could be a good band name. I’m sure with time, it would just taste like normal milk.

Are any of you still in school and have you been able to commit to the band full time yet?

The dream is to go full time, however we’re all juggling at the moment. Whatever it takes…

Your sound is reminiscent of the 60’s baroque pop of acts like Scott Walker and (early) David Bowie and more recent 60’s revival acts like The Last Shadow Puppets and Fronteers. Another huge part of your sound is your heavy use of vocal harmonies. As fans, how did you guys get into this type of music and as a band, how did you come up with this sound?

We’re very inspired by vocal harmonies, particularly the work of Brian Wilson and what he did with all those Beach Boys.

Do you have any all-time favorite gigs that you’ve seen as fans?

Brian Wilson. The Lemon Twigs.

Your debut single, “This Close” was pressed on 7-inch vinyl by Ra-Ra Rok Records. I think it’s great that it seems like most young bands nowadays still care about vinyl. Are you big vinyl fans and are there plans for more vinyl releases in the future?

I think we place a lot of value in having a physical copy of an album, the sleeve and everything. The same reason everyone likes it I suppose. Yes, we’ll try and press all of our music on vinyl if possible, then it’s immortal in some way.

Was your debut single recorded in a professional studio with a producer or was it more of a homemade demo?

All professional, paid for, genuine 100% sound recordings. We make demos at home, but never really release those.

About how many gigs have you played so far and what has the overall response been?

Ooh that’s a tough one. I think we’ve played somewhere between 15 and 25 shows. Not many, being as early on in our careers as we are. The response? You’d have a to ask our parents.

Do you all write songs together?

Mainly Charlie and Zach. One of us will come up with a part, be it Charlie on the piano or Zach on a guitar, and we’ll try and develop it together, with varying degrees of success. Alex writes a lot too, some of which is for us to use, some for himself. Josh really rocks it on the bass too.

When can fans expect new music?

The idea of fans feels a little way off, but we’re releasing a song towards the tail end of July, for anyone willing to lend an ear.

What’s in store for the rest of 2017?

More music, more gigs.

Thanks so much for taking the time for an interview. Best of luck with everything and I hope it’s not too long until you play some shows in the states!

Pleasure, thanks for the interest. We would really love to come to your big country for some sun.

For more on Weird Milk, check out their links below:









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