Playlist: Best New Tracks Of The Month (April 2017)

It’s that time again. Here’s your monthly dose of the best new tracks in the world of alternative music. April saw the highly-anticipated return of bands like The Drums, Phoenix, Haim, and The Strypes. As if that wasn’t enough, this month also provided the debut singles from Plastic People and Fletcher Jackson, more banging singles from bands like Inheaven, Cut Glass Kings, and Tangerines (pictured above), and so much more. Here’s 20 of my favorite new tracks from the month of April. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

1. The Drums – Blood Under My Belt

Although the only remaning original member of The Drums is lead singer, Jonny Pierce, the New York band’s new single, “Blood Under My Belt” is a return to the classic Drums sound that got them all that well-deserved buzz in 2010. Though I don’t condone the new new motocross look that Pierce is going for in the song’s music video, this new song stands out as one of the best tracks the band have ever put out.

2. Plastic People – Never Let Me Know

Plastic People are a new band from London and they just released their debut single a few weeks back called “Never Let Me Know.” This slow and steady blues rock tune is the perfect song to strut down the street to and the lead vocals somehow sound more like Jimi Hendrix than Hendrix himself. Stay tuned for my interview with these guys!

3. The Bay Rays – Satisfaction

The Bay Rays are a rock trio from Kent and they just put out a fantastic new EP called Satisfaction. The EP consists of three tracks, the previously released “Satisfaction” and “Aphelion”, plus a new track called “Integration.” Having just seen them at smash it at Live At Leeds Festival this weekend, I can definitely confirm that these guys are the real deal. I dare you to listen to this song and not tap your feet.

4. Is Bliss – Into A Dream

Is Bliss are a new psychedelic, shoegaze band from Portsmouth and they’re due to release their second EP, The Honeycomb Explosion, on May 19th. The first new track we’ve heard from it is the sonic masterpiece that is “Into A Dream.”

5. Blaenavon – Lonely Side

Fresh off the release of their debut album, That’s Your Lot, Hampshire trio, Blaenavon just put out a music video for their new track, “Lonely Side.” The track is, by far, the funkiest song on their debut record and its accompanying video was filmed during the band’s recent trip to Austin’s SXSW festival. Long live blaeners.

6. Splashh – See Through

Splashh just released their second album, Waiting A Lifetime this April and it’s definitely a clear departure from the fuzzy rock sound that was all over their debut album, Comfort. One of my favorite tracks from their new album is the softer, chilled out “See Through.” Their recent show at Bussey Building in London proved that they’re an exciting live band that also knows how to successfully evolve their sound.

7. Tangerines – 1945

The “Peckham Boys”, Tangerines have just put out yet another fantastically-catchy new song. After a string of singles like “Peckham Boys”, “Long Way Home”, “Skin Dives”, and “You Look Like Something I Killed”, their brand new song “1945” features their trademark summery, southern rock sound and gritty vocals and the track will feature on their debut LP, Into The Flophouse, out May 12th via RIP Records.

8. Cut Glass Kings – Here Comes The Light

Cut Glass Kings are a rock duo from Birmingham and their two members, Greg McMurray (drums, vocals) and Paul Cross (guitar, vocals) have enough sheer power and energy to compete with a band of any size. They’re sure to draw comparisons to bands like Royal Blood, but there’s something incredibly infectious and special about them that separates them from the pack. Their recent show at London’s The Lexington proved that they’ve got songs big enough and strong enough for even the biggest stages. My interview with these guys is coming soon!

9. The Amazons – Junk Food Forever

The Reading boys, The Amazons have re-recorded their smash hit single, “Junk Food Forever”, this time for their self-titled debut album out on May 26th. The original recording was released for their 2015 debut EP, Don’t You Wanna and was made in their lead guitarist’s bedroom. Now, the band have finally recorded the song in a proper studio and under the guidance of production wizard, Catherine Marks (Wolf Alice, The Killers, Foals).

10. Fletcher Jackson – Live A Lie

“Live A Lie” is the debut single from Newcastle singer-songwriter, Fletcher Jackson. This new track may just be the catchiest, sunniest, feel-good track that I’ve heard in a long time. Jackson sings, “wake up in the morning and I’m full of pride” and you definitely will too if you choose this as your wake-up song.

11. WHITE – One Night Stand Forever

The new Glasgow band, WHITE, have just released their debut album, One Night Stand Forever, this month and it’s a cracker. To reference the title of the album’s track, “Hit Hit Hit”, the album is definitely all killer and no filler. The album’s tracklisting is an unrelenting, danceable, dirty, glittery journey throughout and their title track “One Night Stand Forever” is no exception.

12. Inheaven – Vultures

Perhaps my favorite new band of the pack is the South London rock quartet, Inheaven. Their new track, “Vultures” is the first new single since “Treats”, which came out in November and its lyrics emulate a similar distaste in today’s divisive political climate. “Vultures” is the heaviest, grungiest thing that the band have put out so far and you definitely “need it” in your life right now.

13. Phoenix – J-Boy

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from French pop juggernauts, Phoenix. The band’s last album, Bankrupt!, came out way back in 2013 and the band’s return has been highly-anticipated ever since. The band have finally announced the details of their sixth album, Ti Amo, out on June 9th and they released the album’s first cut, “J-Boy”, which is in a similar vain to the more electronic sound of their last album.

14. Anteros – Cherry Drop

London pop band, Anteros, just released a new EP this month called Drunk EP. The band have just put out a new music video for one of the EP’s catchiest tracks called “Cherry Drop”, which features footage from the band’s recent tour with Sundara Karma and Two Door Cinema Club. I saw them play at Flying Vinyl Festival and as support for Blaenavon in London and their fun, upbeat pop songs are definitely well-suited to a live setting as well.

15. Ride – All I Want

Oxford shoegaze legends just released the third new track from their upcoming comeback album, Weather Diaries, due out on June 16th. In comparison to the other two tracks, “Charm Assault” and “Home Is A Feeling”, this new track “All I Want” is a clear departure from their trademark wall of sound. The politically-motivated track features some surprise electronic elements and it’s up there with those classic Ride tracks that came out in the 90’s.

16. Alexandra Savior – Shades

The LA-based singer-songwriter’s debut album, Belladonna Of Sadness just came out this April. It was made under the guidance of Alex Turner and producer James Ford and it features the kind of cinematic pop/rock sound that fans of The Last Shadow Puppets would be no strangers to. If the fact that Savior co-wrote “Miracle Aligner” wasn’t already enough to prove her brilliance to you, then you need to check out her debut album.

17. The Strypes – Oh Cruel World

The Strypes have just announced the details of their third album, Spitting Image, out on June 16th via Virgin EMI Records. They released the album’s first new track, “Oh Cruel World” and the harmonica-laden song is reminiscent of the simpler, back to basics, blues rock sound of their debut album, Snapshot.

18. Wavves – Million Enemies

It seems that San Diego band, Wavves have gone in a completely new direction with their upcoming album, You’re Welcome, out on May 19th. The band have been associated with their lo-fi, pop punk sound, but their new single, “Million Enemies” sees the band heading into completely uncharted territory.  Its slickly-produced sound and its glam rock music video are both just too good to resist.

19. Neon Waltz – Heavy Heartless

Scottish six-piece band, Neon Waltz, have released another new single, which is expected to feature on their soon-to-be announced debut album. The new track shows a more emotive side to the band’s sound as its lyrics try to fight one’s inner demons (“nothing’s OK / I’m going through a phase / heavy heartless”, “I’m holding onto life like it’s holding on to me”).

20. Haim – Right Now

Everyone’s favorite trio of sisters, Haim, are set to follow up their smash hit 2013 debut album, Days Are Gone. Their new album is called Something To Tell You and it’s out on July 7th. They released a live version of a new track from the album, “Right Now”, which was premiered on Apple’s Beats 1 with Zane Lowe. The track also has a video, which was directed by famous film director, Paul Thomas Anderson and it features the band performing an intimate, live version of the song in the studio. (P.S. The bass face is back!)


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