New Survey Suggests Most People Think Music Talent Shows Like The X Factor Are “Glorified Karaoke Sessions”

While the ratings remain high for TV talent shows like The X Factor and The Voice, it’s no secret that there are many negative feelings towards these shows among viewers.

A recent nationally representative survey of 1,000 people between the ages of 16-35 in the UK, found that 63% of people see The X Factor, at times, as a “glorified karaoke session.”

This survey was conducted for the new talent platform, Salute (which I wrote about before here after recently attending their launch event at London’s Omeara), and was conducted by AudienceNet for market research purposes. Besides this finding, the survey also found that 70% of people agreed that The X Factor “serves to make money for the show’s producers/presenters.”

More survey findings included stats like 46% of people agree that The X Factor takes advantage of vulnerable contestants, only 18% agree that The X Factor “has the contestants’ best interests at heart”, and only 12% of people agreed that The Voice completely “supports its contestants.”

Not only are people fed up with the way that TV talent shows operate, 59% of people agreed that the form of The X Factor is becoming “tired” as opposed to “fresh.” In addition, 55% said that they were interested in a new talent show based around original songwriting talent.

While some of these findings aren’t shocking, what is shocking is that even though most consumers are very aware of the flaws of these shows, no one has tried to come out with a better, yet still mainstream alternative to these TV music talent shows, until now.

In an effort to support talented, young, independent musicians (particularly songwriters) from the UK, a new platform, competition, and TV show called Salute is trying to completely redefine the typical TV talent show. By supporting artists at a grassroots level, Salute is trying to focus the attention back on the strength of the songs rather than shows like The X Factor that just find someone who can sing, regardless of whether they have any songwriting talent or artistic vision. Salute is also getting rid of the toxic motivation to turn contestants into puppets for huge record labels to cash in on. Instead, they will award cash prizes to talented, young songwriters with no strings attached.

Salute is allowing artists to upload their music to the platform and after passing a series of rounds including a highly-qualified judges’ panel and public vote, six artists will be chosen to make it to this new TV show, where each finalist will win £10,000 and the winner will receive an additional £40,000.

In other words, Salute is all about putting the spotlight back on the music and they are aiming to push out all the unnecessary baggage that usually comes with these types of shows and it will be exciting to hear the great, new music and artists that come to the forefront as a result of this new platform.

Salute will be open to contestants on April 27th and you can check out their website to learn more information:


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