10 New Bands That You Need To Know

Are you craving some new music from talented, up and coming bands to freshen up your music library or Spotify playlists? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of ten new bands that I’ve been listening to a lot lately and particularly some of my favorite new bands like The Bay Rays (pictured above), Tangerines, Dead Pretties and Van Zeller.

1. Tangerines

South London quartet, Tangerines, unapologetically wear their 60’s and 70’s rock influences on their sleeves. Their infectious, bouncy new tune, “Peckham Boys” takes cues from several legendary bands. Gareth Hoskins’ spitting vocal delivery is reminiscent of Lou Reed, Marc Bolan, and Iggy Pop and the addition of horns and summery, feel-good guitars make this song sound even bigger and more powerful. It fits in nicely alongside their other tracks “Long Way Home” , “Skin Dives”, and “You Look Like Something I Killed.”

2. Van Zeller

Van Zeller are a four-piece garage punk band from Bristol and they just put out their debut release, “You Can’t Lose” / “All Or Nothing.” Despite it being their only release, this young, DIY band have already supported the likes of Black Honey, Yak, The Big Moon, and Hooton Tennis Club. Their debut, AA-side single was mixed and mastered by Spring King’s Tarek Musa and fans of Spring King or any other bands that play short, fast, loud, and punchy garage rock will definitely gravitate towards this new band.

3. The Bay Rays

The Bay Rays are a rock trio from Kent and I can assure you that after seeing them support Hidden Charms at London’s Dingwalls in February, these guys have serious, star power potential. The band plays driving, catchy, no-nonsense and sometimes chaotic pop/rock and they don’t shy away from a big chorus. After support slots with Hidden Charms, Slaves, and Estrons and after releasing some of the strongest, most memorable pop/rock songs I’ve heard in a long time (“Satisfaction”, “New Home”, “Yesterday”, “Four Walls”), these guys absolutely have to be on your radar.

4. West Of The Sun

West Of The Sun are a five-piece London-based band from Derby and they’ve supported loads of bands like Neon Waltz, Kassassin Street, Hello Operator, and more. The band’s sound can be described as psychedelic, drum-heavy rock and roll, but their influences are pretty widespread, so they’re hard to pin down. Their songs take cues from the spaghetti western rock of bands like The Coral, the beats-centric rock of bands like Primal Scream, and even the paranoid, haunting rock of bands like Joy Division. My favorite song of theirs is the swaggering “Siberian Hysteria” and I had the pleasure of hearing it live when they supported Neon Waltz.

5. Heavy Suns

Heavy Suns are a five-piece rock band hailing from Barnsley, UK. The band’s brand new single, “Hide” sticks out as, by far, their best track to date and not because their other tracks are lackluster, but because it’s got an absolutely monumental sound that’s just begging to be blasted at full volume. Its heavy guitar riffs, hard-driving drums, confident lead vocals, and most of all, its perfect, shoegaze-esque chorus set this band apart from the crowd. If this new single is any indication of where the band’s sound is headed, the band will be well on their way to playing big stages soon.

6. Willie J Healey

Willie J Healey is a singer-songwriter from Oxford and I recently came across his music after seeing him live with Sundara Karma and Bloxx at London’s Kamio. He electrified the crowd with his slacker rock tunes and his fantastic guitar playing and what was even more impressive was how he quickly he got the crowd moving, even though most in attendance (including me) had never heard of him before. He plays chilled out, lo-fi indie rock with a bit of a surf rock and folk spin and my favorite track of his has to be the uplifting “Would You Be.”

7. Fling

Fling, the oddball Bradford rock quartet are a breath of fresh air among a lot of middle of the road rock bands. The band plays a mixture of psychedelic rock, pop, glam, and punk rock and because of their wild attitude, their reputation as an energetic, must-see live band, and their proven knack for songwriting, it won’t be long till these guys have a devoted army of fans. Their new single, “Lookin’ Outta My Window” hits you right out of the gate as lead singer Charles McSorley belts out, “Feeling kinda groggy / lying naked on the floor / sipping on a coffee / stand up and feel the world.” Though the verses outshine the chorus, you’ll find it hard not to hum this tune for days.

8. Trash

Trash are a four-piece indie, surf rock band from Chesterfield. The band acknowledges their surf rock sound as well since their humorous Bandcamp bio describes them as “4 guys playing kinda surfy music for people who have never been to the sea.” Some of their older songs even border on the more jangly, dreamy, indie pop sound like “Drift” and “Sad Boys (All I Wanna Do)”, both taken from their 2015 Urban Glow EP. In comparison, their newest track “Give Up” is more punchy, less moody, and it’ll definitely make you want to move.

9. Ethan And The Reformation

Mancunian five-piece band, Ethan And The Reformation play psychedelic pop and rock and their sound, appearance, and album artwork will make you nostalgic for the 60’s even if you weren’t alive back then. After hearing the band’s newest track, “Hollandia”, it’s hard not to think of bands like The Beatles and The Doors. Its ballsy guitars and la la la’s also wouldn’t make the track sound out of place on the track listing of the last Oasis album, Dig Out Your Soul (easily one of their best albums, if you ask me). If the band can continue churning out big singles like this, they shouldn’t have any problem playing to huge festival crowds soon.

10. Dead Pretties

One of my favorite tracks on this list has to be “Social Experiment” from London trio, Dead Pretties. Having recently supported Drenge and The Orwells and after releasing one of the best debut singles I’ve heard in a while, this band are definitely worth your attention. You can’t help but listen to the band’s punky, garage rock sound and watch their charismatic, chaotic live performances and then not want to mosh and declare that guitar music is in good hands. If the band can follow up “Social Experiment” with more tunes that are even half as good as this, this band will soon become the garage rock juggernauts we’ve been waiting for.



  1. Nice article, well written. I’m a fan of Dead Pretties, I really like their songs, they are great live, I love to support them. Good luck with your blog, thanks for supporting them too.


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