New Music Competition Salute to Help Support New UK Artists

Salute is striving to take music competitions where they’ve never been before: out of mediocrity and into actual musical artistry, talent, and diversity.

In an effort to support new, young, unsigned artists from the UK, a new music platform and competition called Salute was created. It’s also trying to promote and reflect the wide variety of UK musicians and genres, which often go under the radar in the music press and especially in TV music competitions.

The competition begins this April and musicians are invited to upload original, unreleased songs to the Salute website or app. Then, in May, the Salute production team and respected curators will listen and rate the top 100 songs. In July, the public will vote on list of top 100 songs and in September, the top six songs go through to the TV show: The Salute Finals. All six artists will receive £10,000 and the winner (announced in October) will receive an additional £40,000.

newsdesk_thumb1490109233salute_logo_black copy

Salute is backed by some pretty big names and brands like Unilad, Facebook, Vice Media, and The Undertones’ Feargal Sharkey. The independent competition was created by a group of entrepreneurs and its focus is to help talented UK artists launch their music careers on their own terms.

The Salute project was introduced at an event on Wednesday, March 22nd at London’s Omeara and there were several big-name speakers to talk about the project’s mission like Feargal Sharkey, Jamal Edwards, The Mac Twins, and more. Sharkey said, “British music can justifiably claim to conquer the world but that incredible success is built upon one thing, talent. In an age of television static and bewildering musical consumer choice, it is now more important than ever that we give the right, focused support and opportunity to the next generation of great British talent. Salute is set to make that happen.”

Feargal Sharkey discussing the goals of Salute at their announcement event on Wednesday

There were also musical performances from Navina, Winter Rose, and the event was headlined by Scottish band, Neon Waltz. The six-piece, Scottish band dazzled as they showcased their grand, epic sound to the Omeara crowd, performing tracks from their upcoming debut album including their new singles, “Dreamers” and “I Fall Asleep”. Talking about Salute, the band said, “We’re excited to get involved in a project that is all about promoting independent artists across all genres. Independent music matters and it needs and deserves all the exposure that comes its way because without it, popular music would stand still.”

Neon Waltz performing at London’s Omeara at Salute’s announcement event

After attending the event, I’m excited to hear all the new music that will take center stage because of a project like Salute. Independent music has always pushed the boundaries of music and it’s always been a driving force of innovation and trend-setting, so it’s about time there was a project like this to help support it. This is uncharted territory for music competitions and hopefully, it will prove to be as fruitful and as successful as it sounds right now.

To learn more about the project, visit the Salute website here.



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