Playlist: 20 New Tracks You Need To Hear Right Now

Do you find it a bit overwhelming trying to keep up with all the great new songs and bands in the current alternative rock scene? I find it a bit daunting myself, so as often as I can, I try to dig for new music and then compile a playlist of all my favorite new stuff for the blog, so people can check it out. Here’s my most recent playlist of the 25 best new tracks from the past month or so, including new tunes from Vinyl Staircase, The Proper Ornaments, Weird Milk, Ride, and much more.

1. Catholic Action – Doing Well

This Glaswegian band are doing quite well, especially after the release of their new tune, “Doing Well” and after their brand new record deal with Modern Sky (they’re expected to release their forthcoming debut album later this year).

2. Vinyl Staircase – German Wings

This new Guildford group, Vinyl Staircase (pictured above), just released a new song called “German Wings” and it’s nothing short of epic. The track’s combination of calming, tender lyrics with its loud, distorted guitar climax make this band one of the most exciting, promising new groups in music today.

3. Isaac Gracie – Reverie

I thought this London singer-songwriter couldn’t possibly top the beauty and goosebump-inducing sound of his previous releases like “Last Words” and “Terrified”, but I couldn’t be more wrong. “Reverie” is everything you’d want in a ballad and more. Music for the soul.

4. Superfood – Double Dutch

The Birmingham band are back with a new track, which is expected to be taken from the follow-up to their 2014 debut album, Don’t Say That. The chill, sample-heavy track is smooth, feel-good, indie pop heaven.

5. Black Honey – Somebody Better

One of the best bands I’ve ever seen live are Brighton four-piece, Black Honey. They’re also one of the most consistently great new bands, churning out banging new singles like it’s nobody’s business, only adding to the immense anticipation of their debut album, which is expected to come out this year.

6. Otherkin – Bad Advice

If you’re nostalgic for all the classic 00’s rock bands like The Hives, The Strokes, and The White Stripes, you need to check out this Irish band called Otherkin and you need to do it ASAP. Though frustratingly short, “Bad Advice” may be their best tune yet.

7. Paul Weller – The Ballad Of Jimmy McCabe

Legendary rock icon, Paul Weller, has made his first venture into the world of film soundtracks. Weller provided music for the new boxing flick, Jawbone, and the first cut we’ve heard is the sweet, folky, acoustic track, “The Ballad Of Jimmy McCabe.”

8. The Proper Ornaments – Cremated (Blown Away)

The Proper Ornaments are the project of James Hoare (Ultimate Painting, Veronica Falls) and Max Oscarnold (Toy, Pink Flames) and they’re back with a new album, Foxhole. It’s full of summery psych pop tunes with harmonious vocals that fans of Ride, The Byrds, and Teenage Fanclub will be very fond of.

9. The Amazons – Black Magic

Along with Black Honey, these rock juggernauts from Reading are known for constantly releasing hit single after hit single and with songs like “Black Magic”, it won’t be long until these guys will be selling out massive venues and bringing guitar music back into the charts.

10. Weird Milk – This Close

The debut single from London four-piece, Weird Milk, channels the baroque guitar pop sound of Scott Walker, The Last Shadow Puppets, and more recently, Fronteers, but according to the band’s drummer, Charlie Vaughan, the band had been listening to Martha And The Muffins’ “Echo Beach” when they wrote it. A really promising debut single.

11. Ride – Charm Assault

The essential shoegaze band, Ride, are back with their first new music in over 20 years and I couldn’t be more excited. The band’s first new song, “Charm Assault” is definitely a fitting title as it’s a fiery, punchy, monster of a track and its lyrics point fingers at the disgraceful state of the current UK government. The track will feature on the band’s comeback album, produced by Erol Alkan and set to be released this summer.

12. Bad Sounds – Meat On My Bones

The indie/funk/hip-hop band, Bad Sounds, are back with a new track and if this isn’t enough to make you want to move, then there’s no hope.

13. Neon Waltz – Perfect Frame

If it isn’t already blatantly obvious how great I think this band are, here’s another shout for the Scottish boys from way up north. Their new single, “Perfect Frame” is exactly what it sounds like: perfect.

14. The Vryll Society – Sacred Flight

The Vryll Society are an exciting, new psych pop band from Liverpool. Their latest release, “Sacred Flight” is a trippy, melodic, hazy pop tune that will surely satisfy your craving for psych pop genius.

15. Splashh – Waiting A Lifetime

Fuzzy indie rockers, Splashh, are set to release a more punk-infused second album this April called Waiting A Lifetime. The video for the title track just came out and it nicely accompanies the chaotic, infectious, new tune.

16. The Jesus And Mary Chain – Always Sad

The Jesus And Mary Chain, alt-rock veterans, are about to release their seventh studio album this year on March 24 called Damage And Joy. The band just released the second cut from the album (“Always Sad”) and despite the title, it’s far from a depressing tune. The upbeat track will bring a smile to your face, especially with the nice addition of female backing vocals.

17. Ride – Home Is A Feeling

As if one new Ride track wasn’t enough, about a day or two after releasing “Charm Assault”, the band put out another new track, “Home Is A Feeling” and it’s hard to say which track I like better. For hardcore shoegaze fans, they’ll probably prefer this slower, hazier, otherworldly track, “Home Is A Feeling”, especially because it wouldn’t sound out of place on the band’s classic debut record, Nowhere.

18. Free Money – The Song (Live)

Even though this track isn’t a finished studio version, I wanted to include it in this playlist because I think this band could be on the cusp of something big. Free Money are a new band from London and after the release of two singles, “Headful” and “What Did I Miss?”, this new track is another promising addition to the band’s arsenal.

19. Marsicans – Friends

Marsicans are a new indie pop/rock band from Leeds and their new track, “Friends” just received some serious praise from Coldplay’s Chris Martin and the band’s manager, Phil Harvey. The band’s sound is reminiscent of the infectious indie pop sound of Viola Beach and I hope to catch their set at Live At Leeds Festival this April.

20. Temples – Open Air

British psych pop giants, Temples, are back with their new album, Volcano, and although this time around, the band’s 60’s psych influences aren’t as evident as they were on their debut, Sun Structures, fans shouldn’t be disappointed. The album’s lyrics are more topical and the sound is more modern, but it’s just as infectious as before. One of my favorite cuts from the album is the colossal “Open Air.”


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