30 Albums To Watch For In 2017

Thankfully, 2016 is finally wrapping up and we can look ahead to the one thing that always has our back no matter what: new music. There are some killer new confirmed albums for next year from the likes of Ride, Sundara Karma, and Temples, there are some expected (but not yet confirmed) albums from the likes of Neon Waltz, Inheaven, and The Strypes, and there may even be some surprises from the likes of The Strokes, Peace, Wolf Alice, and The Stone Roses. Check out the full list of 30 forthcoming albums below to ensure that you’ll have a great soundtrack to 2017.

Confirmed Albums:

1. Sundara Karma – Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect (January 6)

This Reading, UK indie quartet led by godlike frontman, Oscar Lulu, are, without a doubt, set for indie rock royalty as they release their debut album this January. The album will feature live standouts and fan favorites “Loveblood”, “Olympia”, “She Said”, and “Happy Family” and it will also feature new tracks like “Be Nobody” and “Lose The Feeling.”

2. Vant – Dumb Blood (February 17)

London punk rockers, Vant, are prepared to make unapologetic political statements with their debut album, Dumb Blood. The album will feature previously released singles like “Fly-By Alien”, “Peace & Love”, “Karma Seeker” , and “Parking Lot” and it will also feature new songs like “I Don’t Believe In God” and “Put Down Your Gun.”

3. Summer Moon – With You Tonight (February 24)

Summer Moon are another new side project band from The Strokes, this time led by bassist Nikolai Fraiture and featuring members of Jane’s Addiction, the Airborne Toxic Event, and Uh Huh Her. The only cut we’ve heard so far from their debut album, With You Tonight, is a track of the same name, which has a cool 360°, interactive music video.

4. Temples – Volcano (March 3)

Kettering, UK psych rockers, Temples, are set to follow up their debut album with a brand new record called Volcano. Their first album, Sun Structures, (which came out in 2014) was an undeniable success with absolutely no filler, so this could be an early favorite for best album of the year. The first track from Volcano that fans heard was a trippy, keyboard-centric “Certainty” and the second was the infectious “Roman Godlike Man.”

5. The Jesus And Mary Chain – Damage And Joy (March 24)

Scottish alt-rock legends, The Jesus And Mary Chain, are set to release their first album in 18 years, their first since 1998’s Munki. The album is called Damage And Joy and it will feature the newly-released “Amputation” as well as new tracks including “War On Peace”, “Facing Up To The Facts”, and “Song For A Secret.”

6. Splashh – Waiting A Lifetime (Early 2017)

London-based indie shoegazers, Splashh, are set to follow up their debut album, Comfort, with a new album, Waiting A Lifetime. There’s no release date yet, besides the vague phrase “early 2017”, and the only track that we’ve heard so far is a track called “Rings”, which was debuted by Matt Wilkinson from Apple’s Beats 1 radio station.

7. Paul Weller – A Kind Revolution (Spring 2017)


Paul Weller, formerly of The Jam and The Style Council, or better known as “The Modfather” is set to release his thirteenth solo album next spring called A Kind Revolution. We don’t have any music yet, but we have the album cover (above) and some song titles, which include a gospel piano tune called “The Cranes Are Back”, a song featuring Robert Wyatt called “She Moves With The Fair”, a song featuring Boy George called “One Tear”, a few songs featuring Josh McClorey (of The Strypes) including “The Satellite Kids”, and a funky New Orleans album opener “Woo Se Mama”, which will feature legendary soul singers Madeline Bell and PP Arnold.

8. Paul Weller – Jawbone (Film soundtrack, Early 2017)


At age 58, Paul Weller may be one of the hardest working people in the music industry. Not only does he have a new solo album coming out next year, he also composed a soundtrack for the boxing drama film, Jawbone. The film was directed by Thomas Napper and stars Johnny Harris, Ray Winstone, Michael Smiley and Ian McShane. The movie follows former youth boxing champion Jimmy McCabe who, after hitting rock bottom, returns to his childhood boxing club and his old team.

9. Liam Gallagher – TBA


Liam Gallagher has revealed that he’s finally going to give Oasis fans what they all wanted. No, not an Oasis reunion. It’s the other thing that fans we’re hoping for: a Liam Gallagher solo album. After years of mocking his brother’s solo career, Liam’s going to put his name on the line and show the world what he’s got. He signed to Warner Bros Records and according to Liam, his debut solo album sounds “acoustic” and “Lennon-y” and according to Supersonic director, Mat Whitecross it sounds like “The Velvet Underground.” It’s due out in 2017.

10. Ride – TBA 

Next to Liam Gallagher and The Jesus And Mary Chain, this is going to be among the most historic music releases of 2017. Oxford, UK shoegaze legends, Ride, (the four guys pictured in front of a red background above) are set to release their first album in 20 years, their first since 1996’s Tarantula. All we know right now is that it’s definitely coming in 2017 and it’s going to be produced by Erol Alkan, an electro DJ who’s produced stuff by The Mystery Jets, Late Of The Pier, and The Long Blondes. We also technically know three songs that might appear on the record because they debuted some new songs live. However, right now they’re cryptically known as “New Song #1”, “New Song #2”, and “New Song #3.”

Expected Albums (probable but not officially confirmed) / Questionable Albums (rumored):

Debut Albums:

11. Neon Waltz (Expected)


12. Inheaven (Expected)


13. The Amazons (Expected)


14. Pretty Vicious (Expected)


15. Blaenavon (Expected)


16. Black Honey (Questionable)


17. Otherkin (Questionable)


18. Rat Boy (Expected)


19. Cabbage (Expected)


20. Catholic Action (Expected)


21. Hidden Charms (Questionable)


Veteran Albums:

22. Noel Gallagher (Questionable)


23. Wolf Alice (Questionable)


24. Phoenix (Expected)


25. The Strokes (Questionable)


26. The Strypes (Expected)


27. Peace (Questionable)


28. Arctic Monkeys (Questionable)


29. The Stone Roses (Questionable)


30. Haim (Expected)



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