Playlist: Mod Melody’s Best Tracks of 2016

It turns out that I had much more trouble with this list than my albums of the year list. At first I wasn’t going to rank these tracks, but then I decided it would interesting to see what I came up with if I had to force myself to make tough decisions. Then, I decided to restrict myself by choosing only one song per artist because I wanted to make sure the playlist was varied, but this made it especially difficult to choose my favorite song from Neon Waltz, Inheaven, Sundara Karma, Blaenavon, The Stone Roses, Hidden Charms, The Last Shadow Puppets, etc. There was plenty of stuff that I left out because I thought it would be a bit unrealistic to think that people would actually listen to a playlist of 50 songs or more, so I decided to cut it to 35 songs. After much deliberation, I picked Inheaven’s “Drift” as the best track of the year because of the infectious, interchanging, overlapping vocals of Chloe Little and James Taylor, that guitar riff that won’t ever leave your head, the uplifting strings, and its anthemic, floating-on-a-cloud feeling.

However, keep in mind that the order of these tracks has been rearranged dozens of times, especially the top 20, so the order isn’t too strict. In regards to the artists featured here that are expected to release more great music in 2017, watch out for new stuff from: Inheaven, Sundara Karma (new album out January 6th), Black Honey, Neon Waltz, Blaenavon, Temples (new album out March 3rd), Catholic Action, Domiciles, Hidden Charms, Pretty Vicious, Vant (new album out February 17th, but no preorder info just yet), The Amazons, Fronteers, Otherkin, MOOON, Palm Honey (new EP out January 26th), April, and Cabbage.

Enjoy! (The longer you listen, the more your ears will thank you.)

Entire playlist here:

Or ranked list of songs with video links here:

  1. Inheaven – Drift
  2. Sundara Karma – Loveblood
  3. Black Honey – Hello Today
  4. Neon Waltz – Dreamers
  5. Blaenavon – I Will Be The World
  6. Jagwar Ma – O B 1
  7. The Last Shadow Puppets – Miracle Aligner
  8. Temples – Certainty
  9. The Stone Roses – Beautiful Thing
  10. Catholic Action – L.U.V
  11. Domiciles – In Indra
  12. Toy – Another Dimension
  13. Hidden Charms – Cannonball
  14. Sunflower Bean – I Was Home
  15. CRX – Anything
  16. Thomas Cohen – Hazy Shades
  17. The Lemon Twigs – These Words
  18. The Strokes – Threat Of Joy
  19. Blossoms – Blow
  20. DIIV – Under The Sun
  21. Telegram – You Said You Saw Us
  22. Pretty Vicious – Cave Song
  23. Vant – Fly-By Alien
  24. The Amazons – In My Mind
  25. Jamie T – Dragon Bones
  26. Viola Beach – Swings And Waterslides
  27. Catfish And The Bottlemen – Soundcheck
  28. Fronteers – Idol
  29. Otherkin – Howling
  30. MOOON – Mary You Wanna
  31. Palm Honey – You Stole My Blackout
  32. The Lapelles – Grab Life By
  33. April – Open Mind
  34. Baby Strange – Friend
  35. Cabbage – Kevin

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