Playlist: Best New Tracks Of The Month (November 2016)

December is finally upon us, but let’s not forget all the great new music that November provided. There was a highly-anticipated new single from Pretty Vicious, a new TLSP cover of a French classic, a new selection from Palm Honey’s forthcoming debut EP, a new album from Jaws, and much more. So, without further ado, here’s a list of my ten favorite tracks from the month of November.

1. Cabbage – Terrorist Synthesizer

Cabbage are easily one of the best new punk bands and one of the best new bands to come out of Manchester. They’ve released lots of great, chaotic, insane songs like “Uber Capitalist Death Trade”, “Dinner Lady”, and “Kevin”, but this new tune from their new EP is perhaps their best offering yet. After all, the clever title of the track alone should be enough to award them the Nobel Prize in Literature.

2. Bad Sounds – Wages

Bad Sounds are a new band hailing from Bath, England and even though I immediately thought of Blur when I first heard them, I recently read a piece on them in The Guardian where they claimed to be a “predominately, aesthetically, a hip-hop band.” Their unique sound, which is a combination of genres like indie rock, Madchester, dance, funk, and hip-hop even scored them a support slot for Rat Boy (more on Rat Boy in a bit).

3. Spring King – City

Spring King are a post-punk band from Manchester whose debut album, Tell Me If You Like To, came out this summer. They take cues from the likes of The Clash and The Beach Boys and they’re led by charismatic frontman, Tarek Musa, who also serves as the band’s songwriter, producer, and drummer. I saw them a few weeks ago with Sundara Karma and Izzy Bizu and it was immediately clear how great they are as a live band (they sound so much better live than in a studio). Although this song isn’t new, they just put out a new music video for their song, “City”, which is one of the highlights from their debut album.

4. Pretty Vicious – Blister

Pretty Vicious are the hottest new Welsh band at the moment and although it seems like fans have been waiting ages for new music from these guys, it appears that our prayers have finally been answered. They just released a new song that I presume will feature on their highly-anticipated debut album (which is expected to be out some time next year). “Blister” isn’t a new sound in comparison to what they’ve put out before, but fans shouldn’t care about that. It’s a banging, rocking, melodic celebration of punk and youth and that’s all that anybody should ever want in a band like Pretty Vicious.

5. Inheaven – Treats

Inheaven are, by far, one of my favorite new musical discoveries of the year and they are one of the bands that I have been DYING to see live next year. This DIY, south London band makes grungy, fuzzy, shoegazey, punky, dreamy, pop rock and besides that, I’m not really sure how else to describe them, other than a fantastic new band that’s made some of my favorite tracks of the year. The title of their newest offering, “Treats”, is a fitting one as it is indeed a tasty treat for the soul.

6. Rat Boy – Lover’s Law

Rat Boy, the Essex indie/hip-hop god, has been having a great year. He played a huge UK headline tour, he played huge festivals like Glastonbury and T In The Park, and he’s released several new bangers. One of those bangers is a song called “Lover’s Law”, which is one of my favorite Rat Boy tracks (“Fake ID”, “Wasteman” and “Get Over It” are also in the mix). Over the top of electronic beats, the lines, “stabbed me in the back / can’t deal with feelings like that” are repeated throughout and what kid can’t relate to that?

7. Jaws – Just A Boy

Jaws are an indie rock, dream pop, shoegaze band from Birmingham, England and their second album, Simplicity, just came out this month. Though I haven’t heard the entire album yet, one of my favorite selections is a track called “Just A Boy”, which has this amazingly uplifting, anthemic quality about it. It’s a sound that many bands strive towards, but ultimately fail to achieve and Jaws have totally nailed the “hair standing up on the back of your neck” sound on this track.

8. The Last Shadow Puppets – Les Cactus

The Last Shadow Puppets are one of my favorite bands of all time and perhaps one of the greatest supergroups/side projects ever. It was just announced that the band are releasing a few final tidbits before returning to their main projects and it will take shape in the form of an EP called The Dream Synopsis (released tomorrow, December 2), which is made up of covers and new versions of songs from their second album. They just released a video for their cover of a French song called “Les Cactus” by Jacques Dutronc and if Alex Turner perfectly nailing French vocals isn’t enough for you, then I regret to inform you that you’re dead inside.

9. Palm Honey – Stick The Knife In

Palm Honey are a synthy, psychedelic, dream pop, shoegaze, indie rock band and they’re one of Reading’s great new bands. They just released a new track, “Stick The Knife In”, which is part of a new EP, Tucked Into The Electronic Wave (due out on January 26th). It’s a weird, wonderful, fuzzy guitar track with lyrical themes of cynicism and self-destruction with lines like “no one is worth my time / I guess it’s true” and “the world will far apart too soon.”

10. The Amazons – Little Something

Along with Palm Honey, The Amazons are another fantastic new band from Reading, England. However, their sound is completely different. Their music is straightforward, melodic indie rock, sometimes with pop sensibilities and other times with a chaotic, hard, driving energy. Their new song, “Little Something” is definitely the latter of the two and it follows the successful formula of their previously released track “In My Mind.” Presumably, it’s a song that was meant for gigs and it’s a song that will drive the kids crazy.


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