Splashh Announce Second Album Alongside Comeback Single, “Rings”

Splashh have announced the release of their second album, Waiting A Lifetime, which is due out in “early 2017”, though there’s no official release date yet. They also released the lead single from the record, “Rings”, which debuted on Beats 1 with Matt Wilkinson. The band are eager to release more music after spending the summer in NYC, writing and recording new music.

Splashh are an indie rock band that formed in London a few years back, though its band members are from all over. Lead singer, Sasha Carlson, grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia and his pal, Toto Vivian (guitar/synths) was born in Italy and raised in Australia. Though the two had Australian connections, they didn’t actually meet in Australia. They duo met in London, wrote and recorded some songs together, and put them online, which resulted in a lot of unexpected press and offers for shows and management. They soon realized that they were going to have to put a whole band together and that it could actually be a serious profession for them.

The band released their critically-acclaimed, scuzzy, noisy debut album, Comfort, in 2013 and in 2015, they put out a 12″ single for a song called “Pure Blue”, which was backed by the b-side, “Nobody Loves You Like I Do.” The single, at the time, was supposed to mark a drastic shift in the band’s sound by moving towards experimental, synth-based dance music, a sound which was going to carry over into their second album, but it appears that they decided to do a complete 360.

In an interview with Matt Wilkinson on Beats 1, Carlson said, “Pure Blue’s a great song, but at the end of the day, we wanted to go back to more punk vibes and that’s how we started.” So, instead, they took their time and went to New York to write songs that were a bit more rough around the edges. The new album was recorded in Brooklyn with producer, Nicolas Vernhes (Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, The War On Drugs, Spoon), and it marked the first time that the band recorded a full studio album, considering that Comfort was done in a makeshift apartment studio.

Their first album was a collection of lot of different sounds: fuzz, indie, lo-fi, shoegaze, psychedelic, punk, Britpop, rock, and pop. Now, it seems that their sophomore album will also go in many different directions as well. In the band’s Beats 1 interview, Carlson said, “there’s lots of brutal bits on the album, but there’s lots of melodic, soft bits”, while Vivian interjected and said, “something for everyone.”

Vocally, “Rings” doesn’t sound that far off from Comfort. However, the drums are much more energetic and the song’s slow breakdown is quite a departure because it’s more delicate than anything from their first record. Talking about their new song, Carlson called it “more experimental” and also said, “the drum bit is so hard hitting and so brutal, having that leeway of that nice open space, kinda country sounding bit, works really well.”

The band just supported DMA’s and Yak in the UK and they’re playing a London headline show at the Moth Club on November 7th. They’re also supporting Public Access T.V. next year in NYC at the Bowery Ballroom on February 9th. You can get tickets for their NYC show here and you can follow them on Twitter here for more updates from the band and for an official release date of their new album, Waiting A Lifetime.


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